Managing Panel


S.A.K. Ekramuzzaman

Chairman's Message

"RAK Paints Limited is one of the leading companies of RAK Group Bangladesh. It is a joint venture between UAE and Bangladesh. At RAK Paints, we not only intend to establish the largest paint industry in the country with the state-of-the-art machineries but also to provide quality branded products.

Our vision is to become excellent paint manufacturer and lead the paint industry by establishing itself as a producer with the finest manufacturing practices. We deeply focus on outstanding product quality with diversification, covering maximum areas in different business regions, Innovative and eco-friendly approaches in all the functions as to keep our customers delighted.

Two of the noble reasons for promoting the use of RAK Paints' for wall, wood and metal structure finishing are 'achieving lower operating lifecycle costs “for building and “creating a non-hazardous indoor and outdoor environment" for all. The cost involved for the maintenance of RAK Paints' is less and the life cycle is longer than other fit-outs. RAK paints commits to produce green building products (with no added Lead, Mercury. Arsenic 8: Chromium). International research has clearly shown that green building fit-outs are not just better for the environment but more importantly. They are better for the health and productivity of those who live or work in them.

RAK Paints Limited is also committed to producing paints according to the climatic condition of the region. In Bangladesh, we follow the same rule and prepare the products to best suit the surfaces to be painted."


Managing Director

Managing Director's Message

"To be successful in any endeavor you need to exhibit 'a passion for excellence'- with this fundamental concept, RAK Bangladesh started its journey in collaboration with RAK, UAE. Within a decade, RAK Bangladesh established a number of companies in Bangladesh. The public-listed RAK Ceramics, UAE with its global venture, including Bangladesh is the world's largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles and bath-ware of outstanding quality. Similarly, RAK Paints a joint venture of RAK, UAE has set up a paint industry in Bangladesh specialized in Decorative coatings, Industrial coatings and high performance coatings having variety of shades and colors. RAK Group. Bangladesh attained unprecedented success in a short period only because of their belief in excellence of work.

We believe in - Supporting green building concept; achieving lower operation cost: creating healthy environment; developing proper supply chain; promoting best practices. Generating employment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our goal will be same as what we did in files, to become the foremost paint manufacturing company of Bangladesh.

I wish the RAK Paints team all the best in achieving their goal."